Google Places Month FAQ

We hope you are all active claiming your google places listing – and leaving reviews for others.  In case you missed the announcement or need a little help – please see the original post “February is Google Places Month“.  Here are a few questions we have received:

I claimed it.  Now what??

Ask for feedback.  Share the image below on your favorite social network or blog and let the world know you have claimed your listing and ask for reviews.  Make sure you link to your Google Places listing.

How do I link to my Google Places Listing?

1.  Go to your listing page.  If you can’t find it, Google your business on  Your page should look something like this.  Look in the upper right hand corner above the map – you will see the words:

Print – Link – Edit this Place – …..

2.  Click on LINK.  A small box will pop up with a link to your listing.  You can also check the box “Short URL” and that will give you a shorter link perfect for sharing.  That’s it  Just copy, paste and share!

What if someone else has already claimed my listing or I can’t get in to make changes?

Here is a well written post on what to do.  Basically it’s advised to create a new listing, make sure it’s verified, then report the old listing as an error and ask for it to be removed.  May take a little time – but don’t ignore it.

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